I direct performances where the experience is immersive and immediate, bringing the performers into the audience space in such a way that they are inside the sound. The intent is to playfully integrate unexpected experience into existing environments. My people-oriented approach uses sound to engage the public with humor, surprise, and profundity to produce a social, interactive experience. I believe performance functions best when it humanizes public space, and when an ensemble’s commitment to a performance results in audience connectivity. Collaboration is the spark of connection, and the viewpoint of dancers, architects, managers, engineers, sculptures, etc. inform the process of sonic transformation that is the primary focus of my work.

I have used organized vocal sound as my primary medium for twenty years, focused on choral education, conducting, and commissioning.  Choral music is ancient yet has been on the front line of modernism throughout history. The sound is one of humanity opening itself up unto a subliminal language which we associate with space, memory, and history to achieve a narrative quality, both subconscious and visceral, - a cinematic event of sound.