October in New York reminds us that the most dramatic display of life is the elegant encroachment of decay. Night has begun its invasion of the day. The leaves are behaving differently now than they did just a few weeks ago; more interested in dancing in the wind than clinging to a tree. The ravens are taking their place on the twiggy-clawed silhouettes of deciduous trees. The sun electrifies the yellows and reds of harvest, and twilight illuminates the blue and adorns it with shadows of purple. There are sounds to all this scary beauty. Is that the wind, or a scream? The howls harmonize with moans, and this is where YNYC enters the tableau.

Choral music is like fine wine. Paired with the correct ambiance, it clarifies and elevates experiences. The music’s ability to trigger the aura of a time and place is largely why our annual Christmas concert is so popular. You’ve enjoyed the soundtrack we provide for your Christmas, now have a blast while we infiltrate your nightmares. We are adding a new experience to this season; a Halloween fundraiser, celebrating another holiday with its own built-in lore and atmosphere.