The Queen of NEWS (2023)

The Queen of NEWS (2023)

2023-11-17 TVB Jade, Youku
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Seasons and episodes

1 Season 1 November 17, 2023


This drama “The Queen of NEWS” is about the highly-watched 6:30 PM news report is the battleground for news anchors. In the news department, seasoned anchors Man Wai-sum and Leung Ging-yan split into two factions, each vying for the top spot. Wen causes quite a stir and eventually climbs the corporate ladder. The vacancy for the prime-time female anchor sparks a series of storms!


Charmaine Sheh is Man Wai-sum
Man Wai-sum
Ma Kwok-Ming is Leung Ging-yan (George)
Leung Ging-yan (George)
Selena Lee is Cheung Ka-yin
Cheung Ka-yin
Samantha Ko is Hui Sze-ching (Cathy)
Hui Sze-ching (Cathy)
Regina Ho is Tsui Hui-mei
Tsui Hui-mei
Shaun Tam Chun-Yin is Chan Zhi-git
Chan Zhi-git
Venus Wong is Lau Yim
Lau Yim
Matthew Ho is Poon Zhi-ou (Ivan)
Poon Zhi-ou (Ivan)
James Ng Yip-Kwan is Ma Ka-ming (PM)
Ma Ka-ming (PM)
Mimi Kung is Fang Luo Lai-seung
Fang Luo Lai-seung
Stephanie Che is Chiu Mun-wa
Chiu Mun-wa
Niklas Lam is Wong Wai
Wong Wai